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5 Easy Steps to Improved Health

August 31, 2017

5 Easy Steps to Improved Health

What’s so fascinating about our bodies is that the smallest changes in our habits make the biggest impacts on our overall health. Here are five habits you can start to live a happier and healthier life.

Hi this is Tyler Atwell, founder of Sure Essentials.

While my family was naturally fighting my mom’s terminal cancer, my mom’s husband (a professional medical researcher) and I read hundreds of peer reviewed articles from around the world about how our bodies work and what treatments are most effective.

We learned complex treatments for diseases and core basic habits that can prevent diseases.

We want to share with you the five core habits you can form to live a happier and healthier life.

1.) Drink Enough Water - This is so commonly overlooked. Everybody knows we need water to survive. This isn’t new. The problem is we don’t realize HOW MUCH water we need to THRIVE. An adult human should be consuming no less than 3/4 gallon of water every day at the very least. Ideally we should be drinking a full gallon. It’s amazing what this one step alone does for your overall health. A lot of times our headaches, joint pains, and late night cravings are a result of not being hydrated enough. This isn’t even mentioning the benefits you’re getting on the inside. Water detoxifies your body. So by not drinking enough, you’re allowing toxins to build up inside of you and cause your natural functions to be slowed down. Your body stresses trying to keep up with the demand of your every day life and a major health crisis inevitably pops up. Drinking plenty of water will have a massive, notable impact on your health.

2.) Alkalize Your Body - Through our research we learned that disease is not adapted to survive in an alkaline environment. Alkaline organs easily absorb oxygen, which is basically kryptonite to disease. Many harmful cells literally blow up upon contact with oxygen. Be careful though, you don’t want to be too alkaline. Shoot to have your body PH range between 7.2-7.4. You can easily test this by buying PH strips and peeing on one. Sure, pee is gross, but it’s also good to know where your health stands. Click here to learn how to alkalize your body.                                                                           

3.) Develop a Morning Routine - This is where body meets mind. A morning routine isn’t definitive enough though. You need a morning routine that involves specific elements. Check out this article where we go into more detail about the morning routine.                 

4.) Cut Processed Foods from Your Diet - processed foods weaken and slow down your body’s functions, putting it at risk of being infected or overtaken by disease. By eating organic, whole foods, you won’t get sick as easily. We know it’s sometimes hard to make healthy foods taste good, but there are delicious healthy recipes out there. Regardless, make your eating habits more about the benefits of the foods you’re eating than the actual taste. Taste comes second to nourishment. We also believe in rewarding ourselves too though so definitely keep one day in the week open to pig out on your favorite foods ;)    

5.) Stop Taking Over-The-Counter Drugs - Over-the-counter drugs will completely inhibit certain functions of your body that are necessary for a productive system to heal. Drugs are only meant to mask symptoms, not solve the actual issue. The problem is that these drugs are also full of nasty side effects. This is how you stay sick over time and eventually develop a larger, more serious disease. We believe it’s better to treat your symptoms with natural alternatives. This is why we created our product, Curcuva, for chronic pains, stress, and anxiety. We understand the doubts in the effectiveness of natural alternatives, but our product has proven time and time again to effectively ease pain and promote peace of mind.

     In conclusion, just by simply adopting one of these habits into your daily life, you’ll see massive improvements in your overall mood and health.

    Remember, the smallest change in our habits can cause a massive change in our overall health.

    To learn more about our natural pain and stress reliever, Curcuva, click this link.

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