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5 Natural Ways To Boost Your Energy Quicker Than A Cup Of Coffee

July 08, 2019

5 Natural Ways To Boost Your Energy Quicker Than A Cup Of Coffee

About a year ago, Tony Robbins stepped onto the stage at a conference I was attending.

He was telling us how your energy is the most underrated contributor to your quality of work. In fact, he said it should be a priority to get into a peak energy state before even starting work.

This is because when you're in a peak energy state, you're more creative, motivated, inspired, and ultimately, efficient with your work. You've knocked down the mental barriers that typically keep you from being productive. You're in a flow.

So, how do you get into this peak energy state?

Here are five simple, and natural ways to do it:


  1. Smile. Smiling lifts the muscles in your face, overrides tension & stress & causes oxygenated blood to be pumped throughout your body. 

  2. Purposeful Breathing. The idea is to get oxygen into your body. So you don't want to breathe passively. You want to purposefully inhale for 3-4 seconds... hold it for 3-4 seconds... exhale for 3-4 seconds... hold it again for 3-4 seconds... and repeat this for about a minute. At the end of that minute you should feel your body vibrating.

  3. Movement. By moving your body you get the heart beating faster, the blood flowing, and an internal buildup of energy that can be exerted wherever you choose to direct it. Some effective forms of movement are walking, jumping, dancing, and push ups. This isn't meant to be a workout. It shouldn't make you feel tired. You should be more energized at the end than when you started.

  4. Voice. Using your voice. But not your indoor voice. I mean your full outdoor voice. Get your vocal chords vibrating so they cause your body to feel the vibration as well. You should feel it in your chest. 

  5. Bone Broth. If you like something warm to sip on, bone broth gives you even more energy than a cup of coffee without making your heart pound. This is because bone broth contains proteins that you don't get from any other source. And they are absorbed easier than most other sources because it's easier to digest. 

Doing one of these five things will increase your energy within minutes... Do all five of these, and you'll be buzzing for hours.

So, what is your favorite way to get into a peak energy state? 

Have you tried any of these?

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