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How To Alkalize Your Body

September 11, 2017

How To Alkalize Your Body

Many of us know that disease is not capable of thriving in a slightly alkaline environment... But how do we go about doing that? 

There are actually a few easy ways:

1. The most commonly known way to alkalize your body is to eat or juice alkalizing foods such as green leafy veggies and other whole foods. This is a great way to maintain optimal health because you're not only alkalizing your body, but also feeding your body's natural systems.

2. Cut acidic foods such as sugar, carbs, and malt alcohol. Beyond the cliché dangers of these things, they cause your body to become acidic and promote disease growth. 

3. Meditate. Most people know that stress is bad for them. But why? Well it causes a chemical reaction inside of your body that causes your PH levels to drop to acidic levels. This again creates the perfect environment for disease to thrive. If you're new to meditation we recommend checking out the Headspace app. This is a guided meditation that only requires ten minutes per day. Do one every day when you wake up and watch your life transform. 

This next way is good if you've been sick and your body is acidic and in need of a quick pick-me-up.

4. Take Potassium Bicarbonate. This is a great way to supercharge your body and boost your PH. Our favorite potassium bicarbonate supplement is Alkamind "Get Off Your Acid." Tastes good and extremely effective. This is what Shannon, The Sure Essentials Angel took while battling her terminal cancer.  

Remember, an alkaline body is better able to absorb oxygen than an acidic body. Oxygen gives energy to our cells so they're able to break down nutrients and feed our natural systems. If all of our natural systems are running properly then we're happy and healthy.

If nutrients are the fuel of our body then oxygen is the spark plug.

Alkalize your body so you become more oxygenated and live a happier and healthier life.


PLEASE NOTE: If you purchase Alkamind "Get Off Your Acid" from our ad or link, at no charge to you, we'll get a 10% commission from Amazon. 

We're extremely weary to only endorse things that we truly believe in and also do/take/follow. 

By purchasing this product from our ad or link you're 1. investing in your overall health. And 2. Helping us maintain our brand by contributing to our service fees, etc.

Regardless, please implement at least one of these four steps to alkalizing your body & improving your health, happiness, and energy.



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