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Momentum Begins When You Make This Incredibly Important Decision

July 01, 2019

Momentum Begins When You Make This Incredibly Important Decision

Hey there reader. Appreciate you clicking into my thoughts. Especially on a subject as important as momentum. 

Why is momentum such an important topic?

Well, momentum is the life-blood of human beings. It gives us the feeling that we're on the right path. That our life has meaning.

Momentum gives us hope of a brighter future... for ourselves & our loved ones. 

It makes today feel like something more than just another passing day. 

When we don't have momentum, we feel lost...

Our self-esteem plummets. 

And depression ensues. 

As humans, we crave momentum like we crave oxygen... Like we crave connection... Like we crave appreciation. 

Momentum is the driving force that we need in order to accomplish anything meaningful. And momentum is only possible AFTER we make one incredibly important decision.

Without this decision, momentum isn't only extremely difficult... It's literally impossible. 

Meaning if we don't make this decision, we're condemning ourselves to a life of wanting, but never achieving...

A life of never feeling like enough.

Of questioning our reason for living.

And feeling lost no matter where we're at and who we're with.

So what is this decision we need to make? 

The question is actually a very obvious one. In fact, it seems so simple that we tend to not think about it much. And this is a problem because the answer is not a simple one.

It requires us to actually put considerable thought into it. 

And commit to it for a considerable amount of time. 

Ok. Ok. Here's the decision:

We need to decide, what do we actually want.

What is our goal? And I don't mean some small short-term goal. I mean actually thinking really big & deciding what our best possible life would look like if we got exactly what we wanted. The kind of life that is going to take us at least ten years to create.

Think THAT big.

And answer some of the following questions for yourself:

  • What do you want your life to someday look like?

  • What kind of impact do you want to make?

  • What kind of people do you want around you?

  • How do you want to spend your time?

  • What kinds of things do you want to own?

  • What do you want other people to think about you?

  • How will you look?

  • How will you feel?

Think about these questions. Answer them specifically.

This simple step immediately creates momentum for you. 

Because by answering these questions... You have tangible goals that can be reverse engineered, & can have a plan built to accomplish them.

By not answering these questions, how do you know you're even on the right path to a great life. You don't even know what a great life actually means for you.

See, a lot of people think these answers will just come to them. Like if they live each day with an optimistic mindset, and work hard, their life will just be great one day... While that's possible, it's unlikely.

Use this metaphor as an example:

Say you really sub-consciously want to go to Los Angeles, California. 

But you never consciously make that your goal... you never create the map to get to that specific location. And you just take whichever road appears in front of you each day...

No matter how optimistic you are... or how hard you work...

If that road doesn't just happen to lead to LA... You're going to end up wherever it goes. And you may not like where that leads. 

I think that's why a lot of people have mid-life crisis in their 40's and 50's. Because they thought they would just stumble upon their idea of a great life. But reality hits hard & they realize that's not gonna happen. And now they have to hunker down and answer the questions I posed to you earlier in this article. 

At some point you're going to have to answer these questions. 

So why wait? 

The sooner we can decide what our idea of a great life is... the sooner we can get on the right path, and avoid the mid-life crisis of waking up and realizing a great life doesn't just happen on accident.

It's about defining your great life. That way you can be aware of the RIGHT opportunities. And know each day if you're on the right path to greatness. That's the beginning of momentum. That's the first step towards success. It's your first breath of the oxygen that we call momentum. 

And without that breath... We're doomed to living below our potential, and destroying our self-esteem. We all deserve better.

Think about the last Harry Potter book (or last two movies)...

Remember when Harry was looking for the horcruxes... But he had no idea what they were... and therefore had no idea where they were... and especially no idea how to get them. 

Remember how him and his friends were just kind of bouncing around from place to place. Making no progress. No momentum. And how that drove his best friend to leave his side. And abandon him on his search.

If wasn't until Harry identified WHAT the horcruxes were that he was able to figure out WHERE they were.

And although some of them required him to do the near impossible (break into Gringott's bank)... he was able to map out a plan & get the horcrux. 

That's how he was able to save the world. 

It just wasn't until he identified WHAT specifically he was looking for. That is when momentum began. And momentum is what drove him to the finish line. 

It's all about getting super clear on what your goals are... thinking super big... and creating a plan to get them. That's how all things are possible. And nothing is too big for you. 

So... with that being said...

What would you like your life to look like ten years from now? What impact would you like to make? How would you spend your days?

Share below in the comments. 

I'd love to hear from you. 

And if you think any of your friends would benefit from reading this article, feel welcome to share with them. 

Let's start living a better life, today. 

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