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The Foundation for Fighting Disease - How To Not Get Sick

August 16, 2017

The Foundation for Fighting Disease - How To Not Get Sick

Our bodies, much like a swimming pool have a PH balance (potential hydrogen). This ranges between alkaline and acidic. Our body constantly sways between the two.

Disease thrives in an acidic environment and perishes in an alkaline environment.

Imagine taking a penguin from Antarctica and throwing it into the Sahara desert... It won't survive because it's not adapted to live in these conditions.

These are similar situations because disease, like the penguin in the Sahara, is not adapted to living in an alkaline environment.

This is because alkaline organs are more efficiently able to absorb oxygen.

Oxygen is kryptonite to disease.

Therefore, it's recommended to push your body towards a slightly alkaline environment (between 7.2 - 7.4 on the PH scale) where disease isn't adapted to survive.

Warning: it's also not good to be too alkaline. This can cause nausea, lightheadedness, diarrhea, etc.

Although there are multiple ways to influence your body's PH, your diet plays ahuge role in it. 

My name is Tyler Atwell. I'm the founder of Sure Essentials.

At 43 years old, my mom, Shannon Oldenburgh, was diagnosed with an aggressive stage 4 cancer in her breast.

By the time they spotted it, the cancer had already reached her primary lymph nodes, as well as eight axillary lymph nodes. It also made its way to her bone in her hip.

This cancer was so aggressive that the tumor was doubling in size every week. 

We were turned down by several surgeons claiming that it was inoperable.

They refused to touch it.

My family took matters into our own hands. 

After countless hours of research we came to a stunning conclusion: cancer, along with many other diseases, can only survive in an acidic environment, and perishes in an alkaline environment. 

Immediately we switched my mom to an all natural diet, only eating foods that are alkalizing to the body.

Within the next two weeks, that tumor went from a giant lump visibly protruding from her side to being so small it could hardly be felt by a specialized surgeon. 

Despite being told she would die within two months, mom was cancer free eight months later.


Although this story is specific to cancer, many people who maintain a slightly alkaline body, rarely, if ever get sick.

For me personally... I haven't had a flu in well over three years.

I can't remember the last time I had a cold.

Worst thing that really happens to me are occasional allergies. 

This is a huge step up from being an active participant in flu season every year of my life prior to this.

So this is the foundation for fighting disease.

Alkalize your body to 7.2 - 7.4 on the PH scale and disease won't be adapted to living inside of you.

We owe it to ourselves and our family to stop getting sick. 


This is the product I take every day & the same product my mom took to alkalize her body when nothing else was working. 


PLEASE NOTE: If you purchase Alkamind "Get Off Your Acid" from our ad or link, at no charge to you, we'll get a 10% commission from Amazon. 

We're extremely weary to only endorse things that we truly believe in and also do/take/follow. 

By purchasing this product from our ad or link you're 1. investing in your overall health. And 2. Helping us maintain our brand by contributing to our service fees, etc.

Regardless, please maintain an alkalized body to improve your health, happiness, and energy.


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