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Our Mission...

Creating natural tools & resources that empower people to live a happy, energized, and purposeful life... and having a net positive impact on our climate & eco-systems through our focus on sustainability. 


Sure Essentials 20 Years From Now...

Hundreds of acres of land in all different parts of the world will be full of food forests & organic gardens.

The land will be picked strategically to grow the ingredients for our organic supplements. Giving us full control of the quality & production for each & every one of our ingredients.

We will set the bar for quality & innovation that other brands will be analyzing & attempting for decades. 

And we'll be the most transparent, inclusive brand to ever sell supplements.

We'll build eco-homes throughout our forests where people can come to re-charge & connect with nature. There, world class chefs will prepare meals for our guests each day using the organic food grown directly from our gardens & forests.

Schools will bring students to our property to learn about life, growth, and nature. They will learn about our ability to make a meaningful impact on the climate by feeding our environments. They'll see full range of growth by understanding the journey one seed has take to survive & blossom. 

They will leave with a new appreciation for life.

Our gardens & food forests will be so natural & clean that they'll have a proven percentage impact on the improvement of our global climate.

We'll be a known leader among companies massively impacting global climate for the better.

Our employees will be happy & fulfilled. We will be like family. People will be lining up to work for us for free. Let alone paid. And we will always do our best to put our people in the best place to succeed & create the life THEY want. 

We're focused on action, momentum, growth, and sustainability.


Our Story...

Hi, my name is Tyler… I’m the founder of Sure Essentials.

I started Sure Essentials shortly after losing my mom to an epic battle with terminal cancer. When she was first diagnosed, the doctors said she would be lucky to live a couple of months. They said our only hope to have an extra month is to do chemo & radiation.

As a family we decided to fight her cancer naturally instead. With my step-dad, who is a former sub-clinical investigator for the FDA... & private practice doctor for over 25 years... we came up with a natural routine for fighting her cancer. 

Eight Months later she had zero active cancer cells in her body. 

She was in the best health of her life. She looked amazing. And people were shocked that she had just battled stage-IV cancer.

Over the next couple of months she continued to look & feel better & better.

So we decided to ease off her natural treatments & start enjoying more pleasure foods again.

 We were so confident that we beat the cancer that we became complacent with her natural treatments. 

When we used to do them every few hours, it became every other day...

Then every few days...

Eventually we completely cut some parts of the treatment.

This, on top of the unhealthy foods, resulted in a very minor skin cancer to start forming. 

But we weren't extremely concerned about the skin cancer.

After defeating arguably one of the deadliest forms of cancer known to man, we were ready to crush this puny skin cancer.

However, the doctor who diagnosed the cancer began telling us about a "low-dose, highly targeted radiation."

He said it would be such a low dose, we wouldn't notice any negative side effects. 

So as a family we decided to go ahead with this radiation. 

To shorten the story a bit, I'll just say, two months later my mom was in such excruciating pain, she couldn't eat solid food.

She also wasn't able to breathe fully. It was so bad the doctors had to put her on oxygen 24/7.

She could barely get off the couch.

And at 44 years old, she was admitted to hospice, where she died with zero active cancer cells in her body.

She basically starved to death.

...this photo was taken just three months after the previous photo.

This was one of the hardest lessons I could learn about the dangers of drugs & medications...

...and the benefits of intentionally treating your body naturally. 

We saw first-hand how quickly my mom healed just by switching her diet, taking natural supplements, and developing healthy habits. 

Then we saw how much quicker everything was taken away by poisoning her body with drugs & medications.

And unfortunately, millions of people are poisoning themselves on a daily basis...

And constantly battling illnesses, mood imbalances, and lack of energy. 

That's why my step-dad Dave & I started Sure Essentials.

Because we're super passionate about creating natural alternatives to harmful drugs & medications... 

Alternatives that actually help us feel better, while protecting us from illness, boosting our mood, and increasing our energy. 

We want to help people avoid the tragedy we went through. 

Because most illnesses and diseases, are completely preventable. 

Preventable by fueling your body with natural foods & supplements... And practicing healthy daily habits & routines.

We exist to bring these natural foods, supplements, and daily habits & routines to the light. 

So we can all live a happier, energized, and purposeful life. 

None of us can afford to go another day without supporting our body & mind the way it deserves.

So we're here to make it easier for you.


Our Values...

  • Love Our Audience: Even if it’s just one person. Everything our brand does is for them. We want to help that person live a happy and healthy life because we care. Our job is to teach them positive ways to manage their stress and increase their energy to live each day with purpose.
  • Treat Our World With Love: We’re environmentally friendly as a company and as individuals. We do our best to leave our world a better place.
  • Provide Great Value: We respect the time of the people who follow us and only want to share the most valuable content & products that are proven to help them achieve what’s truly important to them.
  • ​Test To Be The Best: We are always getting better. Always testing our skills and ingredients to make sure we’re offering our best to our audience. 
  • ​Committed To Success: We have a big vision that we’re passionate about. There will be hard times and hurdles but we’ll keep our eyes on the prize and keep pushing forward.
  • Treat Our Body Naturally: We believe in naturally fueling our body because it puts us into a peak state for creating and experiencing a happier life with more positive energy.