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Positiva Lifestyle Podcast: Five Pillars of Health

In Positiva Lifestyle Podcast, Sure Essentials founders Dr. David Oldenburgh & Tyler Atwell break down your overall health into five pillars and talk about how you can naturally boost each pillar in synergy.

Dr. Oldenburgh is a former clinical sub-investigator for the FDA, and a private practice Optometrist for 25 years, who was part of the team of doctors responsible for bringing LASIK surgery to the United States. He's also an expert when it comes to immunotherapy and treating cancer naturally. 

In this episode Tyler and Dr. Dave give an overview of the five pillars of optimal health, and share some tips and tricks to boost each pillar in synergy. 

This is the inaugural episode of Positiva Lifestyle Podcast. In future episodes we will go in depth in each pillar, bringing on experts, and sharing the best resources and information possible to achieve optimal health and carry out our individual purposes.

The five pillars of health are:

*Emotional Health

*Physical Health

*Mental Health

*Financial Health

*Spiritual Health

If any pillars are out of whack, the rest of the pillars begin to suffer as well.

Dr. Oldenburgh was Tyler's mom's husband. This whole series was recorded mere months after she lost her life. She was diagnosed with stage IV, highly aggressive, metastatic breast cancer that had taken all of her primary lymph nodes. Doctors predicted she would live less than four months at first diagnosis. She died a year later. When she was admitted to hospice she had zero active cancer cells in her body. 

Here's how Dr. Oldenburgh stopped his wife's terminal cancer dead in its tracks:



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