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Sedona Sunset Bracelet - The United Humans Project

High up in the Sierra Mountains in Jalisco, Mexico lives an indigenous native American culture who craft these bracelets by hand, bead-by-bead.

They're called Wixarika people [Wi-dah-dih-kuh) 

They live a simple, spiritual life surrounded by family & love energy. 

Many believe that they're able to transfer that loving energy into the bracelets they create so you can feel it at all times while you wear yours. 

Authentic bracelets from this group of people are rare to find because someone would have to travel to the mountains of Jalisco (or surrounding areas) to find them. 

Luckily we have met & become friends with several families within this culture & are now able to make them available for you. 

If you buy one, not only will you be able to rock this stylish bracelet & experience the loving energy that radiates from it...

But you'll be giving back to an indigenous culture that doesn't have very many opportunities or resources.

Most Wixarika people live in extreme poverty & this is their primary source of income. 

Each bracelet sold not only feeds a family for a day, but allows them to re-invest in themselves to help improve the conditions of their families, and culture as a whole. 

This is a simple way to make a positive impact on an entire group of people & region of the world. 

Then brag to your friends about how culturally aware you are ;)